Optactic 2.4.3 is released

In 2.4.3 we fixed some critical errors associated with profit calculation. We also improved put price estimate and fixed some bugs related to exit plans. We added hundreds of unit tests to make sure margin of error is within 1/10th of a cent.

2.4.3 also introduced new feature for Exit plans. When designing an exit action such as adding, closing or rolling an option, user can also adjust action date and the stock price, volatility on that date. This allows user to experiment and find the best scenario for his desired exit plan.

We constantly improve this app and release new versions. App update is automatically enabled by default on iOS, so you don’t need to worry about it. Otherwise please don’t forget to turn on automatic update. The size of the app is small, just around 20 MB.

An issue related to Exit Plan is found in 2.4.2

This issue only affects overwritten costs. If you overwrite the cost of your strategy, when you close a position or roll an option in the follow-ups, the profit calculation (including the chart) is not correct. An emergency fix is applied. You will see the fix in the next version 2.4.3 in the coming week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you found any issues, please don’t hesitate to report to me through support@optactic.com or the in app suggestion box. We’ll post any serious issues that might impact your trading and profit in this forum. Other minor issues will be prioritized according to severity.

We are building something exciting

We are making some major changes to Optactic. In order to have a lesser impact on customers, we temporarily pull the apps off most of the countries except Canada. We will launch Optactic 2.0 soon, and you’ll be excited about some of the new features, such as.

  • Optactic will become free.
  • User of free version can use all the strategies. The only limitation is number of strategies one can create and some of the most advanced features are locked.
  • Rank strategies by greeks or profits.

Hope you’ll like these features. Please send us feedbacks on what kind of features you would like to see. Feedbacks are very important to us. Thanks.